• 100% crystal clear - FAT ICE is cut from dense slabs of purified water
  • Freezer Cut – All FAT ICE is hand cut by skilled craftsmen in a sub-zero environment
  • Delivered to your door – Fat Ice can be delivered to your door six days per week. Small freezers can be provided to customers based on purchase volume.

Clear, big ice melts more slowly in the glass, but more importantly it's a vast aesthetic improvement that customers go crazy for. Big cubes are perfect for Old Fashioned-style cocktails that are very popular these days; in fact the cubes have helped the trend grow. Some customers just order the cocktails for the ice - you'll hear them asking for "the one with the big rock.

Camper English is a cocktails and spirits writer, speaker, consultant, and cocktail spectacle creator who has contributed to many publications.

The only thing more elemental to The Cocktail than ethanol is ice. The cocktail at its core is a preparation of or a tempering of a spirit and ice is the first tool always reached for in that toolbox. Every cocktail is balanced a little bit differently and thoughtful use of ice can make all the difference between a good cocktail and a great one. Large, clear, perfect ice gives one the absolute most control over temperature holding and dilution rates. It can ensure that a perfectly balanced cocktail can stay perfectly balanced from the first sip to the last drop. In addition to that, it's beautiful. The guest's perception of the value of a cocktail or a whiskey pour goes up significantly when they are presented with a perfect piece of ice in their drink. I'm incredibly lucky to have a vendor like Fat Ice to help me with my needs. I simply don't have the infrastructure to run a Clinebell program in-house and just freezing with small molds yields really unimpressive results so I choose to source my large format ice and it's been a consistently good decision.

Justin Elliott

Ice not only dilutes, it also chills your cocktail, which along with proper balance make a great drink. Having the best quality ice to start with ensure you can control the overall outcome of your cocktail without worrying about compromising balance and presentation, rather enhancing it.

Javier Flores